Aug 05, 2013

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Studio View

Matisse said "look after the colour, and the form will look after itself" and he knew all about colour. He disregarded health and safety isses, and was quite happy to stand on his ladders in an incorrect manner.

 Dogs love car rides, or just thinking that they are going somewhere with you, so that smalll Russian dog that they sent up as a test must have been well pleased.

A play on mispronunciation - a rich history of the Scotland and Ireland, and a football club. It should be remembered that when Celtic won the European Cup in 1967, they did so with 11 players born within a thirty mile radius of Glasgow - that will never be done again. Painted on sandpaper

This is one of the studio series, but developed from a whimsical answer to a question from one of my children as to what I was painting. It then became a challenge to see how much of the history of the world I could include

The French have a constant reminder of the great war with same sites of remembrance like this - a cross surrounded by a field of corn. These cdan be found frequently around the smaller roads of Northern France, I  found this a wonderful sight and it continues to strike a chord. They have a different culture to us because of this being around them all the time. This is painted onto rough grade sandpaper